Against Animal Testing & Environmental Policy

Against Animal Testing & Environmental Policy

No Animal Testing

Wan Shon Trading Pte Ltd’s (WST) respect for and affinity with the natural world has always extended to animals. In line with the company’s holistic philosophy, our company products are not tested on animals.

WST is a Community Interest Company and is committed to reduce the environmental impact within its business activities and business premises.

As a business, we commit to:

  • Comply with the requirements of all environmental legislation and approved codes of practice where required.
  • Continuously seek to improve our environmental performance and integrate best practice into our business operations where possible.
  • Take action to reduce our carbon footprint and consumption of resources and manage our business operations effectively to minimise environmental pollution.
  • Communicate the importance of our environmental standards and promote environmental best practice to key stakeholders, partners, suppliers and customers.
  • Raise environmental awareness at workplace, encourage participation and ensure efficient environmental communication to our employees.

To meet our commitments, we will:

  • Explicitly communicate our Environmental Policy through the company’s website.
  • Systematically identify and review our environmental impacts and develop targets and objectives to reduce our Carbon emissions.
  • Measure and manage our resource consumption, including electricity, water, office supplies.
  • Manage our waste effectively to ensure that where possible waste materials are reused and Recycled.
  • Review our Purchasing Policy and work with suppliers to incorporate environmental standards within our procurement processes.
  • Communicate Environmental Policy and Environmental Guidelines to our employees and run staff awareness campaigns and environmental briefing sessions.

This policy statement has been approved and endorsed by the Board of Directors.

Approved: July 2012

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